Can Paper Boxes and Bowls be Microwaved?

June 21,2022

Can paper boxes and bowls be microwaved? Currently, among the plastic materials suitable for food containers, the material that can hold food for microwave heating is polypropylene (PP), which has high temperature resistance (about 130 ℃) and is resistant to alcohol, acid and alkali. Other materials are not recommended to hold hot food and microwave heating, so as to avoid releasing toxic substances during use.


paper bowls


However, at present, because the paper container does not clearly mark the plastic material coated on the product appearance, consumers often mistakenly think that the paper box is simply composed of pulp, and hold hot food or put it into a microwave oven or electric cooker for heating; I thought that paper packaging materials were safer and more environmentally friendly, but I unconsciously ate more plasticizers. Here are some common materials for containers that can or cannot be microwaved:


✅Glass: it can be used in microwave ovens because glass has stable physical properties and is very high temperature resistant.


✅Ceramics: you can microwave. Most porcelain can microwave! However, if there are porcelains painted with metallic pigments such as gold paint and silver paint, it is not recommended to put them into the microwave oven to avoid danger because they contain metal ions.


✅Mugs: you can use microwaves. Mugs made of ceramic and glass are very suitable for microwaves, but remember! Cups with metal decoration and edges should not be put into the microwave oven.


❎Fresh keeping film: microwave is not allowed. Polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) and other common fresh keeping films on the market are the main materials, which may soften after high temperature heating. In addition, plasticizer and other harmful substances may be produced when encountering high oil and high acid foods.


❎Stainless steel, aluminum foil paper and metal containers: do not use microwaves. Because microwaves cannot penetrate metal containers, food cannot be heated, and metal materials will reflect microwaves. Microwave reflection will damage the microwave oven itself, and may also produce sparks in the reflection process. Therefore, do not use microwaves in metal containers!


❎Cartons and paper cups: microwave is not allowed. Paper containers are very easy to burn and catch fire when put into the microwave oven, and the coating in the carton may release plasticizer and toxic substances after heating. It should be avoided to put the paper containers directly into the microwave oven for convenience.


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