Can The Paper Bowl Be Heated In The Microwave?

October 27,2021

The work is busy, so that the takeout is often too cold to eat. Can this kind of takeout in paper bowl be directly put into the microwave oven for heating? I believe many people have such questions. Let's answer it for you today.


paper bowl


Can cold takeout be directly heated in the microwave? Before answering this question, you should know what kind of material the paper bowl is made of!


In fact, in order to resist heat, water and oil, merchant usually adds a layer of edible wax or plastic film on the outer layer of pulp, which is the key to microwave!


If paper bowls and cups with edible wax are used, the wax may dissolve when heated at high temperature, so it is not recommended to heat the container.


If plastic coated products are used, it depends on the plastic material.


PET (polyethylene terephthalate)


Introduction: Most of the bottles with the "PET" logo on the bottom are beverage bottles. Needless to say, everyone knows that this kind of plastic products are "disposable". Pour hot water into the mineral water bottle and even burn the bottle. It has a plastic smell, and long-term use will cause harm to the human body.


Heat resistance: easy to deform at 70°C


Whether it is suitable for microwave: not suitable


HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)


Introduction: Plastic products with plastic components, such as milk bottles, shampoos, and detergents, are recognized in the industry that they will not release harmful substances and are relatively safe, so supermarkets will also use this kind of plastic bags for food. However, this kind of container is generally not easy to clean, it is easy to breed bacteria, and it is not recommended to recycle.


Heat resistance: 110℃ high temperature


Whether it is suitable for microwave: not suitable


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Introduction: Used in plastic food packaging, children's toys, oil bottles, vinegar bottles, soy sauce bottles, etc. Many plastic boxes made of PVC material say "Microwaveable", but because this material is heated, harmful substances will be released and interfere with human hormone development. Countries’ environmental protection agencies have already announced the ban.


Heat resistance: 80℃


Whether it is suitable for microwave: not suitable


PE (low density polyethylene)


Introduction: Like the plastic wrap and translucent food bags that are often used nowadays, they are made of this material. Needless to say, everyone will also remove the plastic wrap when heating in the microwave!


Heat resistance: 80℃


Whether it is suitable for microwave: not suitable


PS (Polystyrene)


Introduction: Barreled instant noodles, disposable fast food boxes, this material lunch box can hold food, but this material is not chemically stable, heating in a microwave oven will release harmful chemicals, and it may catch fire, which is more dangerous.


Heat resistance: 90℃


Whether it is suitable for microwave: not suitable


OTHER (plastic products without labels)


Introduction: This refers to any plastic container, regardless of the material. If you buy a lunch box, you should avoid this, because the risk is too high, and it may release some toxic substances.


Heat resistance: According to the material


Whether it is suitable for microwave: not suitable


PP (polypropylene)


Introduction: Most microwaveable lunch boxes are made of this material. This material is resistant to high temperature and will not produce harmful substances to the human body after heating. It can be used repeatedly after washing. You can choose this one.


Heat resistance: 130℃


Whether it is suitable for microwave: suitable


In other words, among the above, only the PP (polypropylene) paper bowl can be safely heated in a microwave oven, so be sure to check the triangle pattern on the bottom when buying a paper bowl.


However, in order to avoid composite materials, unclear product labels or other unnecessary risks, we suggest that if you need to reheat food materials, you'd better move the food materials to glass and ceramic utensils and then use microwave heating to reduce the health concerns that may be caused by direct heating of plastic products. This is a safer and reassuring way.


The propagation of microwaves will be affected by metal. Therefore, metal bowls cannot be used in microwave ovens. If a metal bowl is used, part of the microwaves will be reflected. At the same time, electric discharge and ignition will occur at the edge of the bowl, causing the food to fail to heat up quickly. The reflected electromagnetic waves and sparking from the edge of the bowl will accelerate the damage of the microwave tube. So do not use metal containers for microwave, so as to avoid sparks and accidents.


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