Characteristics Of Food Paper Packaging

March 17,2022

Enterprises in the food industry attach great importance to the choice of packaging materials. In the past, plastics accounted for a large proportion in the food packaging market, but in recent years, people's awareness of environmental protection has been continuously improved, and they have realized the harmfulness of plastics to human health and environmental pollution, which has gradually restricted its development in the field of food packaging. Therefore, paper packaging is more and more popular.


noodle hot insulated kraft paper salad Bowl with anti-fog PET lid.png


Today, with more and more attention to environmental protection, paper food packaging has become the best substitute in the food and packaging industry. It is a necessary trend to develop food packaging paper. Compared with plastic packaging, paper food packaging has more and more obvious advantages in environmental protection and safety. Under this trend, plastic food packaging has been gradually banned in domestic and foreign markets, and it is stipulated that food packaging must be non-toxic and harmless paper food packaging in the future.


Benefits Of Paper Food Packaging


  • Paper has good elasticity and toughness, which can provide good protection for the packaged materials;
  • Paper is not affected by heat and light. For health food and medicine, paper is a traditional packaging material, and it is especially suitable for products that want to get a natural sense;
  • The opacity of paper packaging is very useful for those unattractive products such as brown products. The good printability of paper packaging products makes it have a unique and beautiful appearance, which is a highlight that attracts people's attention most;
  • Similarly, paper packaging products should be high-quality, lightweight and diversified, so as to reduce mail and transportation as much as possible