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October 19,2021

What are the necessary things for a picnic?Picnic mats, fresh-keeping boxes, large barrels of purified water and plastic water cups are the most basic picnic utensils. You can also choose barbecue ovens, outdoor portable tables and chairs, candles, ice buckets and other upgrading equipment according to the actual situation. Of course, the most important thing is the easy-to-carry picnic paper bowls.


picnic paper bowl


Some people may choose high-value ceramic tableware and glass wine glasses for a picnic, but carrying these things for a picnic is not only heavy, but also easy to break, which is not very convenient. Some may choose disposable plastic bowls, this is also the most common disposable bowl on the market. They are made by heating and foaming polystyrene raw materials extracted from oil and foaming agent. Polystyrene is a widely used polymer material, which has the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity and simple production. It does great harm to the environment and health. Therefore, we should choose the easy-to-carry picnic paper bowl, which is not only light, but also environmentally friendly.


Classification of environmental friendly bowls


  • Cartonbowls


Paper is the most familiar kind of material. "Replacing plastic with paper" has naturally become the first plan that people think of. Using paper instead of plastic technology, that is, using pulp as raw material, forming and drying in mold to produce disposable tableware.


Advantages: the tableware made by this method is called "environmental protection product" because of its advantages of non-toxic, harmless, easy recovery, renewable utilization and degradability. It is an alternative technology with good comprehensive evaluation at present.


Disadvantages: if the whole process of paper production is evaluated, the technology also has shortcomings. First, the production of pulp needs a lot of forest resources, but China's forest resources are limited, and a large number of deforestation causes soil erosion, which is not in line with China's national conditions; On the other hand, pulp will cause serious water pollution in production, and in some cases, the pollution degree is even higher than that of plastic. Therefore, from a macro perspective, the technology of replacing plastic with paper can not completely eliminate the pollution to the environment, but advance the pollution of tableware to the pollution of the environment when making lunch boxes. Moreover, the high production cost of pulp makes the price of paper tableware produced with pulp relatively high, so it is not a perfect scheme to replace plastic with paper.


  • Vegetable fiber bowls


The technology uses plant fiber bagasse to become sugarcane pulp after beating, (bagasse environmental friendly degradable disposable tableware is the best choice to replace foamed disposable tableware at present, 100% fully degraded) and then injected into the mold to form under high pressure and high temperature.


Advantages: the products produced by this technology have good degradability and rich sources of raw materials.


picnic paper bowl


  • Biodegradable bowls


Biodegradable bowl is an advanced environmental protection product. It takes starch as the main raw material, adds one-year growth period plant fiber powder and special additives, and also adds plastic. After chemical and physical treatment, it is made into a biodegradable fast food box.


Advantages: as starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it is decomposed into glucose under the action of microorganisms.


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