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October 19,2021

A hot soup paper bowl is an indispensable item in the take-out industry. Though there are so many merchants choosing a plastic bowl to store their soup, it is no doubt that a soup paper bowl looks much high-end than a soft plastic bowl. And today we are going to learn more about hot soup paper bowls.


Hot soup brown paper bowl


Q1: What is the material of soup paper bowl?


Soup paper bowl is like a double-walled cup, which can not only hold hydrothermal liquid, but also prevent liquid from leaking. Soup paper bowls are made of double cardboard. The container in this soup paper bowl and lid combination is durable and moisture-proof. You can use soup paper bowls to hold anything from light chicken noodle soup to thick stews, chilled frozen yogurt to ice cream. Soup paper bowl can ensure the rigidity and reliability required by the combination of hot food cup lid with paper.


Soup paper bowls are tightly curled, which is ideal for ensuring safe and firm lid installation. Soup paper bowls are smooth to the touch and perfect for sipping. When the lid of the soup paper bowl is in place, this edge can prevent overflow because the lid fits tightly, while eliminating the risk of rapid temperature drop. Soup paper bowl is made of double-sided PE coated paper. The inner and outer sides of the soup paper bowl are covered with PE coated double-sided paper, that is to say, the paper is covered with a layer of PE film. Soup paper bowl consists of food grade wood pulp paper and food grade PE film.


Q2: Is soup paper bowl environmentally friendly?


Soup paper bowls are made of double cardboard. The coating on the soup paper bowl is made of PE to prevent liquid from leaking or soaking the paper. Printed soup paper bowls are the perfect way to give your cups a more professional look and stylish design. Soup paper bowls are used in a variety of businesses and activities, which is why we offer different types of bowls instead of everyone wanting the same type of cup.


The outer layer of soup paper bowl is called wall, which is made of cardboard and has heat preservation and insulation performance. The outer layer of the soup bowl keeps the drink hot for as long as possible without being too hot to carry comfortably around. In addition to thermal insulation, the second sleeve covering the bowl allows mixing and matching embossed patterns and prints to create various designs.


The cardboard of the soup bowl is coated with a thin plastic lining, which is needed for safety reasons. The plastic lining acts as a barrier to ensure food hygiene and make the cup liquid-proof. Plastic is a suitable lining material because of its strength, resilience and excellent barrier properties. It is also excellent in materials, energy and cost efficiency.


Q3:How does a soup bowl work?


The working principle of soup paper bowl is very simple. Soup bowls help prevent heat loss by forming an insulating layer between coffee to prevent heat loss, and keep coffee or other hot liquid warm for longer than in soup bowls.


Paper soup bowls are really effective and work well. Paper soup bowls can keep your drink at the required temperature for a longer time in some applications. Soup paper bowls help ensure your drink stays hot for longer, and you will be able to drink at the temperature you want for longer. Soup paper bowls are a must, and they do make a big difference. A good cup can make all the difference and can really help boost sales, improve the customer experience, and make a better cup of coffee or other hot drink. Paper soup paper bowls are also environmentally friendly, and for your business, it could be an excellent alternative to your business, such as foam cups, which take longer to break down and degrade when they are thrown away and discarded.


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