How Do Americans Celebrate Independence Day?

July 04,2022

Independence Day



The first must be the huge celebration parade. Residents clean their yards and decorate their rooms before Independence Day, often by flying American flags in front of their doors. On this day, the whole country is lively and lively, and the bells of large and small churches will ring in unison to commemorate and celebrate the independence of the United States. When Americans celebrate the National Day, there is a big feature, that is, the people's spontaneous participation is very high. On Independence Day, there is often no need for the call of the US federal government. Some civil organizations in the United States will make some ceremonial activities, such as float parades, fireworks, and open-air art performances.


Every day, the whole country will be immersed in a sea of joy, and residents around the country will spontaneously organize parades and celebrations. People usually dress up as medieval people and hold costume parades, and some families even form a family band to participate in the parade to celebrate the Independence Day. The parade marched forward mightily on the street, and new people were constantly joining in. The scene was spectacular.


After the parade, people who haven't had a good time usually gather in the park or some other public places. In the cheerful music, people dance and sing to celebrate the arrival of Independence Day.


It is also a very popular event to set off fireworks on this day. Whether it is the National Lawn in Washington, USA or the city parks of various states, grand fireworks parties will be held all over the United States, but later the US government canceled the festival in order to prevent danger. Activity.


Politicians are naturally indispensable in such a lively festival. Usually, this day is the busiest day for politicians. Because some senior government officials or other public figures will use the Independence Day to give speeches to praise the traditional American values to the people of the country.


Usually, those important public projects will choose to start on Independence Day, so Independence Day has an important symbolic meaning for improving the livelihood of Americans. On this day, it is also the day when tens of thousands of immigrants officially become U.S. citizens. Immigrants will be required to take the oath of allegiance to the United States before they can become full citizens of the United States.