How Does the Waterproof Paper Lunch Box Work?

June 08,2022

There are basically two kinds of disposable lunch boxes in circulation on the market now, polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) Food-grade PP material: food-grade material is non-toxic and clean, environmentally friendly pp containers are manufactured under high-temperature conditions above 120℃.


waterproof paper lunch box


How does the waterproof paper lunch box work?


The surface of pulp molded tableware has a non-toxic polymer coating, which can be oil and water resistant for a short time. But it will not work after a long time. According to your question, you will have to ask: 1. Why won't it fall off when you put it on? 2.


There are many kinds of waterproofing agents, the key is to use on what kind of paper.


Plastic in the family is commonly used to supplies, in good plastic, see the heat will change, it will be toxic substances, some disposable transparent plastic you want to be very safe?


However, such as some in the heat of a certain temperature is toxic, in actual life commonly used in the microwave oven to heat food will have the plastic will be out of sexual toxins, plastic in cold food is safe, such as plastic cups can drink cold water is safe, can not drink hot.


How is a waterproof paper lunch box made?


The production machine of disposable plastic lunch box: injection molding machine


Manufacturing method:


  • Transparent box 2113 is made of polypropylene PP, which is produced by injection molding method;


  • The opaque foam plastic box is made of polystyrene PS, which is produced by the foam method. The opaque foam plastic box is polystyrene PS, produced by foaming method.


Paper tableware raw materials production process of serious pollution, high cost, and its own strength and waterproof moisture resistance is poor, therefore, it has greater limitations on the promotion of its application, people will naturally look elsewhere, to science and technology to benefit.