How to Choose Disposable Paper Bowls?

July 26,2022

In our daily life, we often use disposable paper bowls, paper cups, cartons, and so on. How should we choose and identify these? Now come and study with us!




Look: some paper bowls look thin and have many defects. These are fake and inferior products at a glance. Of course, they are not our preferred target. For qualified paper bowls, we should first see whether there is a QS production license mark, manufacturer information, production date, and other information on the outer package of paper bowls.


Smell: ordinary paper bowls smell like plastic or wood oars; In fact, qualified paper bowls should be odor free.


Pinch: ordinary paper bowls deform when pinched, and soften when boiled water is poured, which is also easy to hurt hands.


These methods can be judged immediately in the process we usually use. Price is not the most critical factor. If these methods we just judged can pass the appraisal, it means that this paper bowl is qualified, and consumers can use it with confidence.


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