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October 19,2021

Are you looking for new bowls to replace the plastic bowls for fast food business? Paper bowls special for fast food would be a best option for you. These bowls have so many benefits such as sustainable, friendly to the environment and without posing a threat to human’s health. And there are easily shaped into all sorts of shapes and different size. And today we are going to discuss how to choose fast food paper bowl.


Large capacity/ fast food paper bowl


Most fast food paper bowl can be divided into two categories:


Recyclable paper bowls


Recyclable paper bowls, commonly known as PE bowls, contain a certain proportion of plastic or wax to form a coating to prevent leakage. These bowls can only be recycled to a certain extent in professional factories under certain conditions. This recycling process is problematic because it is not always possible to separate the plastic lining from the paper. In the final analysis, this type of disposable PE bowl will accumulate into a mountain of hazardous waste.


Even worse some paper bowls were applied with some harmful chemicals coating such as PFAS. Perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS), used since the 1940s, is a class of synthetic chemicals used primarily in fiber-based food packaging, including fast food paper bowls, trays, cardboard flips and other kinds of food packaging to make them waterproof and oil-proof. Oil-proof paper wrapped around hamburgers, pizza boxes, roast chicken bags, bakery wrappers and hot bar takeout boxes: They may all contain PFAS. PFAS are also present in a range of other products not related to food (including fire fighting foam and clothing), but it is worth noting that they enter our food through other uses and hover in our soil and water.


PFAS, referred to as the "forever chemical," has been linked to a range of negative health outcomes, including learning delays, growth and behavioural problems in children; Female fertility declines; Endocrine system disorder; Elevated cholesterol levels; Interruption of immune system; And increase the risk of cancer. Because perfluorinated and polyfluoroalkyl substances are not biodegradable, they will remain in the environment and human body and gradually accumulate over time.


Whether certified by BPI


Therefore we must avoid paper packaging with PFAS coating but how can we recognize whether a kind of fast food paper bowl is applied with PFAS or not. Don’t worry. As long as you find a product certified by BPI, it is in safety because BPI certified compostable paper products must not contain PFAS lining, which means that BPI certified products are compostable and do not contain dangerous additives that will never biodegrade by 2020.



Compostable paper bowls


Compostable paper bowls are completely different. Since paper bowls without any lining or coating cannot hold any liquid, it is inevitable to use coating in paper bowls. However, the lining used in compostable paper bowls is not made of traditional plastics from petroleum sources, but made of bio-plastic materials, also known as polylactic acid (PLA) plastics, which are completely derived from renewable resources. Bioplastics usually come from corn, soybeans, bamboo, sugar cane, grass, cellulose or sugar cane, so once treated, they break down into natural organic materials.


PLA lining is sturdy and durable, and paper bowls coated with it can hold cold and hot drinks, especially when designed as double wallpaper bowls. While PE disposable paper bowls can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, compostable paper bowls can take months to fully biodegrade and leave no toxins. In a short time after treatment, the compostable paper bowl decomposes into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass, and its decomposition rate is equivalent to that of well-known compostable materials (such as leaves). In the food service sector, the use of such compostable products can realize the transfer of food waste.


Before the advent of compostable products, food waste mixed with non-compostable packages or containers represented two waste streams. Paper bowls can be put directly into compost bins or landfills along with any remaining beverage or food residues, Because they decompose together in a simple one-step process. Compostable paper bowls go one step further than biodegradable paper cups because they are not only biodegradable, but also provide essential nutrients for the soil and can be used as natural fertilizers.


The organic matter produced increases the nutrient content in the soil, helping them to retain water and at the same time inhibit plant diseases and insect pests. The demand for chemical fertilizer has been greatly reduced, which has promoted the high yield of crops. While regenerating poor soil, landfills will not be affected by methane emissions from non-composting or non-recyclable waste.


Compared with the above information, we can conclude that compostable fast food paper bowls are much more environmental and safer than recyclable fast food paper bowls.


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