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October 19,2021

Fast food is very popular, but most people have not paid attention to the "paper containers" such as paper bowls and cartons that enable fast food to be provided to customers in a fast, convenient and clean way. The paper container is basically made of food paper after printing and cutting. The production of paper bowl needs to go through the steps of film coating to achieve the effect of water and oil resistance. Now let's learn about the making process of paper bowl.


PE lined kraft salad/nambe bowl


Take paper bowls as an example. First, the paper used to make paper containers must be food grade paper. Most of the food paper is imported from Europe and America, which is the best grade among the paper materials. Then, it must be coated with oil-water resistant materials on the paper through the film coating procedure before the continuous forming steps can be carried out.


Steps to make the paper cup strong and beautiful: film coating and printing


Film coating is to attach a very thin layer of plastic material (PE or PLA) to the paper, so that the paper bowl can be oil-resistant and water-resistant, and can hold drinks, soup and food for a long time. The selection of film coating material is also related to the characteristics of subsequent paper bowls.


After the coating treatment, the required patterns and colors will be printed on the paper roll. The printing methods can be divided into concave plate, convex plate and flat plate. The cost of concave plate is too high and is now less used; Convex plate printing is continuous printing with paper roll, which requires a large amount of printing. Lithography cuts the paper into pieces and then prints, which is suitable for manufacturing small quantities of products. After the ink is applied, a layer of water light treatment will be printed for protection. However, regardless of the printing method, the printing materials of containers in contact with food must be food grade in order to ensure the safety when eating.


Molding only in a moment! The birth of paper bowl


The printed paper enters the knife mold to make fan-shaped pieces of paper, that is, the expanded shape of the bowl wall. This fan-shaped paper is collected and sent to the molding machine, and the paper is then rolled into the shape of a paper bowl outside the bowl loading mold. At the same time, the mold provides heat at the joint of the paper, so that PE is damaged by heat and bonded to each other, and the bottom of the paper bowl is then bonded. Then the mold pushes the cup mouth, rolls down the paper at the cup mouth and fixes it with heat to form the bowl edge of the paper bowl. These molding steps can be completed in one second.


The finished paper bowl is sent to the testing machine to confirm whether the shape is complete without damage and the internal surface is clean without stains. The finished paper bowl will enter the packaging procedure and wait for shipment. PE lined kraft salad/nambe bowl can be more oil and water resistant than ordinary bowl.


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