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October 20,2021

With the rapid development of take-out, food packaging also step in a high speed development stage as the increasingly demand in food packaging such as disposable round thickened bowls for soup with lids, cups with straws. Manufacturer of food packaging also try their best to improve their products to take up much share of the food packaging market. So we will deep into the development of food packaging from its appearance to its material.


Round thickened soup bowl


The shape of food packaging


The round plastic bowl and square foam bowl with a connected foam lid are the first generation fast food cutlery with the cheapest cost also. But with the improvement of people's living standards, guests don’t care to pay more to order delicious food with a high-end packaging and in turn high-end food packaging will make the food look more tasty and clean even giving people a feeling that food with a high-end packaging would be more safety than low packaging.


With the demand in delicate food packaging, more and more imaginative and practical food packaging were born. The manufacturer have learned from the past failure and design food packaging with a ear upward the bowl or box which make it convenient for people to carry out. This is also a respond to plastic free campaign as in the past takeaway merchants applied plastic bags to store the packaged food and now there are still some of them using this packaging way. Plastic products bring a great threat to our environment as well as a living threat to ocean animals because researches showed that a lot of smaller plastic substances were found in animals’ tummy. But no matter how creative design by the designers, round-shaped bowls for soup or salad and square bowls are still the most common food packaging shape. Some merchants applied round thickened soup bowl in order to achieve heat-resistance and square food bowl to store the staple food such as rice.


square food bowl  supplier


The material of food packaging


As we mentioned above, plastic packaging is gradually disappearing in high-end packaging and replaced by paper food packaging. Because paper is not only more friendly to our environment but also look more hygeian and safe than plastic packaging.


And in order to avoid oil and soup leakage, manufacturer of food packaging add extra coating to these paper packaging. So there are paper bowls with wax or polyethylene.


Paper food container coated wit polyethylene


PE coated paper is coated with polyethylene to provide a very strong moisture and grease barrier. Unlike wax-coated paper, PE can be used for high temperature applications because it does not melt and affect your product. PE coated kraft paper is commonly used as:


-Fast food wrapping


– Tray liners


– Placements


This type of wrapping paper is very durable, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications. You can safely print on PE paper, allowing you to give your product an aesthetically appealing brand without damaging the product. Like wax paper, PE paper can be recycled, but not biodegradable. This means that its carbon footprint is slightly larger than that of wax paper, but if handled properly, it can still have a positive impact on the environment.


Paper food packaging coated with wax


As the name implies, this paper has a wax coating. The wax provides a huge barrier against grease and moisture passing through the paper, making it a very versatile product for packaging a wide variety of foods. Some of the most common foods wrapped in wax paper include:




– Cooked meats


– Sandwiches


– Interleaving cold meats


The material is translucent and allows food to be seen through the packaging section, making it useful when displaying products. Wax paper can also be safely printed on it, because wax paper helps protect food from ink infiltration. One of the biggest selling points of wax paper is that it is compostable and recyclable, which is good for any company, deli or restaurant trying to reduce its carbon footprint.


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