Something You Should Know About Bamboo Pulp

November 01,2021

Nowadays, disposable lunch boxes are popular in families, restaurants and hotels because they are very convenient to use. Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in eco friendly bamboo paper bowls. What is bamboo pulp?


bamboo paper bowl


What is bamboo pulp?


Bamboo pulp is a kind of pulp. Bamboo materials such as moso bamboo, Phyllostachys pubescens and Neosinocalamus affinis are usually prepared by sulfate method and caustic soda method. Some also remove the green bamboo and pickle it into semi clinker with lime. The fiber shape and length are between wood and grass fibers. Easy sizing, bamboo pulp is medium fiber length pulp, fine and soft. The pulp has high loose thickness, high tearing degree, and low breaking strength and tensile strength. It has high mechanical strength.


The paper made of bamboo pulp has strong bones and "sound". Bleached paper can be used to make offset printing paper, typing paper and other high-grade cultural paper. Unbleached paper can be used to make packaging paper, etc. It can also be mixed with wood pulp in a certain proportion for insulating paper such as cable paper and cement bag paper.


How to distinguish the quality of bamboo pulp paper?


  • The quality of bamboo paper can be distinguished by smell. Like natural bamboo fiber paper, if it smells, it is a primary smell. It will bring its own bamboo to clear its tongue. It should not have flavor. When opening the bag, it has a faint bamboo smell, because the natural paper is bleached without adding. Non natural bamboo fiber paper generally smells a pungent smell when opening the package, because it adds some harmful chemicals.


  • As like as two peas, bamboo paper can be distinguished from natural bamboo fiber, which is the same as dried bamboo. The color of non natural bamboo fiber paper will be darker because it needs to add light yellow colorant to unify its color after adding wood fiber or other herbal fibers.


  • The quality of bamboo pulp paper can be distinguished by touching: raw bamboo paper is a wood fiber substitute suitable for making domestic paper in China, and its fiber is both strong and soft. However, its softness is slightly inferior to that of wood fiber, so it will be slightly rough when used.


  • We can distinguish the quality of bamboo pulp paper through experiments: good raw bamboo paper is gray and white after burning, and does not contain any chemical additives; Poor quality paper has black ash after combustion, with certain additives.


  • Wecan distinguish the quality of bamboo pulp paper by soaking: soak the original bamboo paper in water, then take it out, pull it moderately by hand, and observe the toughness of the paper. If it breaks and dissolves directly after soaking, or breaks easily after pulling, it is inferior paper.


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