The Merits of Choosing Salad Paper Container

October 28,2021

With the rise of the takeaway industry, disposable fast food boxes can be said to have become the most frequently used tableware in people's lives, especially young people. There are many types of disposable fast food boxes with different functions. They seem to be made of plastic or paper, but the materials and food safety are quite different. Take the salad paper container as an example:


salad paper container


The classifications of disposable cutlery


There are two types of disposable meals, one is mostly made of wood fiber material, which is an environmentally friendly product, and is degradable; the other is made of chemical raw materials, which may contain toxic fillers and is not degradable. Prohibited materials such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, industrial paraffin and waste plastics are used in large quantities in production, which will cause the minerals and additives added in the lunch box to dissolve with the water, vinegar, and oil contained in the food, and enter with the food. After the human body, it may cause indigestion and other adverse reactions. Long-term use of disposable lunch boxes containing a large amount of industrial calcium carbonate is more harmful to the human body.


The hazards of poor quality disposable tableware


  1. Causes hepatitis:


The shelf life of disposable chopsticks is up to 4 months. Once the shelf life has passed, it is likely to bring Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and hepatitis.


  1. Unfavorable gastrointestinal:


Disposable plastic lunch boxes, soaked in hot water and heated in a microwave oven, will cause the chemicals added in the lunch box to dissolve with the food, which is harmful to the stomach and intestines.


  1. Corrosion of the esophagus:


In the production of disposable lunch boxes, most of them will use hydrogen peroxide for bleaching. The hydrogen peroxide is highly corrosive, causing corrosion to the mouth and esophagus.


From the initial foaming type to the degradable type, the widespread use of disposable foaming lunch boxes has continued unabated. Office workers and students are the main people who use disposable lunch boxes. The survey shows that most people know that there are many controversies about disposable lunch boxes from the perspective of hygiene and environmental protection. However, they will always use disposable lunch boxes because of their convenience. . Not all disposable lunch boxes on the market today meet national standards. Long-term use of unqualified lunch boxes will have adverse effects on the body, so bringing your own lunch boxes or choosing Sowinpak salad paper container is the first choice.


Why choose our salad paper container?


In recent years, young people eating salads have become a new trend among young people. The light salad and fat-reducing meals with nutrition and health as the main focus are very popular. The use of disposable paper pulp environmentally friendly lunch boxes can better highlight the concept of health and environmental protection. At the same time, it is also the most widely used fully degradable lunch box in China. This type of lunch box uses sugar cane pulp or wheat straw pulp as raw materials and does not add any plastic components. It is an environmentally friendly lunch box. However, because the overall cost is higher than other types of lunch boxes, the current popularity is not very high.


What kind of garbage are disposable cutlery?


Disposable chopsticks and salad paper bowls are all dry garbage, that is, other garbage, which refers to other household wastes except recyclables, hazardous garbage, and wet garbage.


In recent years, garbage sorting has rapidly spread in China. This approach can better protect the environment. Not all disposable tableware are harmful, and not all disposable tableware are beneficial. Merchants should pay attention to the distinction when purchasing. We are salad paper container exporter, any questions, please feel free to contact us.