The Merits of Drinking Soup

January 07,2022

When relatives or friends are sick, we often advise them to drink some soup. However, takeaway food is not only expensive, but also nutritional value is not guaranteed. Maybe you can buy some paper bowls and make some soup yourself. So, do you know why they need to drink soup?


Among the various foods we eat, soup is the most nutritious and digestible one. A survey by American nutritionists shows that among the more than 60,000 people who have undergone the nutrition census, those who are well-nourished are the ones who often drink soup. However, because the soup can be evenly dispersed in the small intestine, the nutrients are easily digested and absorbed, so drinking soup has the potential to make people fat.


paper bowl


What are the benefits of drinking soup when you are sick?


  1. Easy to digest, usually the ingredients in the soup are usually very crispy;


  1. Low-calorie, soup has much lower calories than solid food. Soup will not cause obesity due to intake of too many calories on the premise of getting the same feeling of fullness;


  1. For people with excessive stomach acid, drinking soup can dilute stomach acid;


  1. Drinking soup can take in more water, which in itself is beneficial to health;


  1. Soup contains a lot of nutrients lost from food, no matter what age it is, it is good to drink soup;


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