What Is the Importance of Food Packaging

May 13,2022

Food in the processing, storage and handling process, the nutritional composition of the food is subject to varying degrees of adverse effects, and the adoption of packaging measures, the purpose is to control and transfer these adverse factors on the damage to the food.


The factors that can be controlled by packaging, such as light (mainly ultraviolet light) exposure, oxygen concentration, changes in humidity, heat transfer, the diffusion of certain components of food, external physical and mechanical damage to food and insect microbial infestation, etc.


food packaging


Benefits of food packaging


Protect the quality of food, prevent food deterioration through the scientific and reasonable choice of packaging materials and packaging technology methods, the food and the surrounding environment, thus excluding the environmental factors (oxygen, humidity, light, temperature and microorganisms) on the impact of poultry products, to avoid physical and chemical changes in food, to ensure the quality of food in the process of circulation and stability, to extend the shelf life of food and storage period.


Prevent food contamination by external microorganisms and dirt food from the factory to the hands of consumers, the process and circulation is very complex, the opportunity to be contaminated is a lot. The most terrible is the secondary contamination by pathogenic seedlings such as Clostridium perfringens and Clostridium botulinum, which will cause food poisoning to consumers. Therefore, reasonable and hygienic packaging may eliminate the possibility of external contamination.


Make food production more rational and labor-saving food packaging has become increasingly mechanized and automated. This not only saves labor, but also reduces the possibility of contamination during packaging operations and increases production efficiency. At the same time, mechanization and automation of the production of packaged food, compared to the manual operation of more uniform and specifications, which provides favorable conditions for the design of transport packaging structure, but also to provide favorable conditions for the standardization of transport and storage.