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October 19,2021

In recent years, environmental protection and sustainable development have gradually become the center of social topics. Do you want to be a member of the environmental protection team? Start with your kitchen and use bamboo paper bowls instead of traditional plastic tableware. Before implementing this plan, let us take a look at the bamboo paper bowl.


What is the High Quality Bamboo Paper Bowl


high quality cheap bamboo paper bowl

The high quality and cheap bamboo paper bowl is made of only renewable and biodegradable raw materials (such as paper and bamboo), which is stylish and durable, combines convenience and sustainability, and meets current environmental protection needs.


Because bamboo is sustainable, chemicals can be grown without using any pesticides, it is completely decomposed without any pollutants. Bamboo is also a natural antimicrobial agent. Its natural resistance to mold and mildew is very helpful in humid environments. Since bamboo also happens to be an effective insulator, items made of bamboo fibers will keep your hot food hot and cold food cool.


The Advantages of the Cheap Bamboo Paper Bowl


Why do more and more people choose bamboo paper bowls? What are the advantages of bamboo paper bowls?


  • They are reusable


Unlike disposable dishes that must be thrown away after one-time use, high quality and cheap bamboo paper bowls can last longer. In addition, it is well known that some appliances absorb food odors in them. This makes them unpleasant the next time they are used. However, since bamboo fiber does not absorb any odors, you can use it for several months.


They can resist bacteria. Because water never has a chance to seep into the bamboo structure, these bowls will not breed bacteria that could contaminate food.


  • They are non-toxic 


We have all heard of the side effects associated with plastic tableware. Melamine, PVC, BPA and all other added ingredients to improve the appearance and durability of plastics will have an adverse effect on your health and thus have a negative effect. Nevertheless, the plastic itself releases toxins when heated, and sometimes even releases carcinogenic compounds. Therefore, the use of such appliances in microwave ovens or dishwashers can indirectly lead to unfavorable results.


On the other hand, bamboo paper bowls are based on bamboo fiber organic materials. Therefore, you can rest assured that you and your family will not ingest any toxic chemicals in your food. Before buying, be sure to check the ingredient labels and make sure they do not contain the chemicals you are evading.


  • Protect the environment


For decades, protecting nature has been the call of scientists and researchers. Recently, the public has also begun to show interest in environmentally friendly products. Therefore, if you are a catering business or restaurant owner, join the "green" trend, buying organic and environmentally friendly products will definitely attract customers.


Bamboo is rich in carbon and it is obvious that it will degrade within a few years, while plastic takes about 20-500 years to decompose. In addition, the process of breaking the bamboo paper bowl is completely harmless to the environment.


  • Lightweight and durable


The bamboo paper bowl is very light. Whether it's plastic, glass or wood, no other materials can provide you with the portability they provide. Therefore, you can take them away on off-road trips without gaining extra weight. At the same time, it can also save you from the regret of polluting the environment due to a large number of non-degradable disposable plates left after a party or a picnic with friends and family.


All in all, purchasing a set of bamboo paper bowls for your family not only guarantees your family’s health, but also contributes to environmental protection. We are the high quality cheap bamboo paper bowl wholesaler, supplier, manufacturer, exporter, for sale. Any interests, welcome to contact us.