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October 19,2021

With the development of the takeaway industry, nowadays, there are more and more types of one-time/Leak-proof takeaway paper bowl. For example, plastic packaging boxes and paper packaging boxes are very popular among stores. However, the quality of the packaging box is not the same. Obviously, the quality of paper packaging is better, and it is not harmful to human health.


one-time/Leak-proof takeaway paper bowl


Why use one-time/Leak-proof takeaway paper bowl?


Paper take-out food boxes are environmentally friendly and are used as alternatives to plastic food containers that are harmful to health. These boxes are suitable for hot and cold food, and the printing and design services provided by the manufacturer make them more attractive. Most owners in the food industry are using one-time/Leak-proof takeaway paper bowl to present food to customers in an exquisite and hygienic manner. They can give customers a good experience and let them come more. When there are loyal customers, sales can increase immediately.


Since these boxes are environmentally friendly, they are specially designed using sugarcane pulp and cardboard, which is a renewable and responsible resource. The restaurant owner has many types to choose from, but bowls with lids and potato chip cups are still preferred. The noodles and lunch box will keep your food fresh and crispy for a long time.


Say no to plastic lunch boxes


Boxes made of traditional plastic are harmful to health, and people are moving away from them. Disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags containing food seriously affect our health. When the temperature reaches 65°C, the harmful substances in the disposable foamed plastic tableware will penetrate into the food and cause damage to the human liver, kidneys and central nervous system.


Besides, plasticizers are added to plastic products to enhance flexibility and make them easier to process and plastic. If the heating plastic product exceeds the heat resistance limit, the plasticizer will be released. Plasticizers can interfere with the human endocrine system and affect the human body, especially the male reproductive system. Animal studies have shown that long-term intake of large amounts of plasticizers may damage the liver and kidneys and affect development and growth.


The degradation time of plastic products usually takes at least 200 years. Moreover, during the process, it will continue to release toxic substances and pollute the environment. Therefore, we should try to avoid using it.


Merits of using one-time/Leak-proof takeaway paper bowl


The disposable takeaway box can provide good hygiene and safety for any food packaged in it. Fast food tends to become soggy, and the oil inside may overflow. Paper takeaway boxes ensure that delicious pizzas, burgers and fries remain crisp and fresh when they are served to customers. They are the best choice when food is moved from one place to another. Once you pack them, the flavor and beauty is not changed for a long time.


If the restaurant owner provides customers with the best health benefits, word of mouth, this will also further increase sales. If you are in a food business, it may be a difficulty in avoiding using plastic box totally, but you can be step by step. We are one-time/Leak-proof takeaway paper bowl wholesaler, supplier, manufacturer, exporter, for sale, any problem, welcome to contact us by