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October 19,2021

With the fast pace of life, young people have become busier and have less time to eat lunch. Take-out service has solved some problems, which has not only various dishes, but also is known for convenience. Consequently, the disposable cutlery has become more popular than before. Among them, the most common is restaurant eco friendly paper salad bowl/paper salad bowl set.


restaurant eco friendly paper salad bowl


Why do restaurant need to use paper salad bowl?


As we known, salad is food that is full of vegetable and fruit. Therefore, make it fresh is an extremely important thing. Especially, with the emergence of take-out, salad must pack in a box, however, not only does it influence the flavor, but destroy the beauty. Getting bad review is inevitable. Paper salad bowl can perfectly avoid the happening of this circumstance. The material of paper isn’t harmful to people, can keep the food fresh in a short period. Compared with plastic material, it can’t add other smell to food, that is, it preserves food original flavor. Even if you make an order online, it's almost indistinguishable from what you eat in the store.


The advantages of using paper bowl


📌Environment friendly and recycle


As you know, the continuous development of take-out increases in demand of disposable cutlery. This extra rubbish will increase the burden on environment. In the meanwhile, environment protection is a thing that we also need pay attention to.


Our paper bowls are all made of degradable material, which can’t ruin the environment. In the natural environment, it is easy to fuse with the surrounding environment, resulting in chemical degradation into carbon dioxide and water, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection. Degradable tableware can be divided into two kinds of materials: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, etc., which can be degradable, also known as environmental protection. Of course, any material should not be discarded at will, restaurants should actively do a good job of classification and recycling, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.


📌Including but not limited to salad


The takeaway salad box is not limited to salads. All the food on the table can be served with it, which not only saves space, but also maintains consistency. Our disposable salad container can withstand the temperature of hot food, so it can also be used to hold dishes, including hot pasta, flavored curry, side dishes, and even desserts for those who love sweets. Team ordering can also reflect your unity.


Final words


Food security is a problem that we has been concerning, it affects our lives from various aspects. The paper bowl is non-toxic and recycle, as a owner of restaurant, you should have a try to set your customers mind at rest, and having a good experience.


To ensure that you choose the right disposable salad bowl for your brand, keep in mind the different functions in order to provide your customers with the best solution. We are restaurant eco friendly paper salad bowl/paper salad bowl set wholesaler,supplier, manufacturer, exporter, for sale. For more solutions, please feel free to consult us. We look forward to serving you.