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October 19,2021

In the hot summer, a bite of ice cream can cool us a lot. Almost no one can resist the temptation of ice cream. We always use ice cream paper bowls when we eat ice cream. I believe most of us don’t know much about ice cream paper bowls. Today this article will mainly introduce it, let’s take a look at the magic of the ice cream paper bowl.


The Short Introduction of the Ice Cream Paper Bowl


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Ice cream paper bowls are famous for traditional ice cream and more take-out options. Ice cream paper bowls are slightly thicker than plastic ice cream bowls, so they are more suitable for take-out and take-out ice cream. In addition, there are more lid options for paper bowls. It also has more patterns and sizes.


In the ice cream paper bowl, you can feel the sunny summer, juicy fruit, the consistency of chocolate, and the aroma of vanilla. The ice cream paper bowls are bright and colorful. They are convenient appliances and a means for cafes, restaurants, and dessert factories to promote products and services.


The Advantages of the Ice Cream Paper Bowl


Various dishes are used for serving ice cream. The owners of cafes and restaurants usually choose desserts, including ice cream. Although the plastic ice cream bowl is safe for health, it will not spoil the taste. However, constant cleaning is required, and the risk of breakage has caused more and more organizations to switch to paper tableware. Therefore, ice cream paper bowls are more and more widely used. But what are the specific advantages of paper bowls?


  • The ice cream paper bowl is very convenient for ice cream takeaway. They are lightweight, compact, and occupy a small space.


  • Ecological compatibility. Only natural raw materials are used in the manufacture of ice cream paper bowls. It does not contain glue or toxic ingredients. Such products are not harmful to health or the environment. It is easy to dispose of after use. Using paper bowls for ice cream does not change the taste of desserts.


  • High quality. Ice cream paper bowl meets quality standards and hygiene requirements



  • Beautiful appearance. Ice cream paper bowls with patterns, inscriptions, and logos are an excellent way of advertising. Bright, high-quality images, product information, funny phrases and cartoons attract the attention of dessert lovers and passersby.


  • Availability. The paper bowl with ice cream will not break. It is convenient to put it on your hand, and its outer surface is kept warm enough.


  • Cheap and simple. Wholesale ice cream paper bowls are very cheap, and if your goal is to reduce the cost of your ice cream business as much as possible, they are a good choice. When you buy thousands of ice cream paper bowls, the cost per unit becomes very low. This allows you to easily provide ice cream products at competitive prices, helping you to compete with other ice cream brands in price and quality


In short, compared to plastic ice cream cups, ice cream paper bowls have too many advantages. In addition, the quality of ice cream paper bowls will also affect the taste of ice cream to a certain extent, so please choose a suitable ice cream paper bowl. We are the single use/ice cream paper bowl wholesaler, supplier, manufacturer, exporter,for sale. Any interests, welcome to contact us.