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An Introduction to PET


PET (also abbreviated PETE) is short for polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester.


PET is a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic that is widely used for packaging foods and beverages, especially convenience-sized soft drinks, juices and water. Virtually all single-serving and 2-liter bottles of carbonated soft drinks and water sold in the U.S. are made from PET.


It is also popular for packaging salad dressings, peanut butter, cooking oils, mouthwash, shampoo, liquid hand soap, window cleaner, even tennis balls. Special grades of PET are used for carry-home food containers and prepared food trays that can be warmed in the oven or microwave.


The basic building blocks of PET are ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, which are combined to form a polymer chain. The resulting spaghetti-like strands of PET are extruded, quickly cooled, and cut into small pellets. The resin pellets are then heated to a molten liquid that can be easily extruded or molded into items of practically any shape.

ice cream paper bowl with lid

Both single wall and ripple wall types, the paper bowl with lid is designed for both cold and hot foods. It’s more a walking advertisement than a package. It is leak-proof and suitable for microwave use.

The large size is perfect for parties, families, or value meals. Serve it alone so that customers can make their own meal or pair it with sides so that customers can create an instant picnic.


From soups to oatmeal to ice cream, show your commitment to environmentally responsible practices with eco-friendly branding.




Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and has taken shape in the packaging market as a high-tech enterprise, which combines R&D, production and sales. We devote to providing high quality, innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly paper packaging solutions for high-end restaurant chain, bakery, food factory and other industries.


In terms of scale, there are more than 200,000 square meters of modern intelligent factory with Class 100,000 and 300,000 clean workshops. It also accommodates more than 500 advanced automatic production equipment. Sowinpak persists in technology R&D as the core driving force of enterprise development and have accumulated profound R&D strength and technical ability that formed a set of relatively perfect R&D system after more than 10 years of exploration and experiences. Nowadays, Sowinpak has more than 90 domestic and foreign patents which is on the forefront of the field .


Sowinpak has sophisticated quality, environment and food safety management systems, we have been approved by BRC, GMP, ISO9001&22000, BSCI and SEDEX. Our products are not only in the line with the standards of GB, FDA, EU, BfR etc., but also certified via BPI, Seeding|Din Certco and OK COMPOST|Vincotte. The pulp used for food grade paper is sourced from sustainable managed forests which are complied with PEFC and FSC Standard.




Q1: When could I get the quotation?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or send us email, so that we would regard your inquiry priority.


Q2: Can I buy sample for testing?
A: Yes, we provide samples.


Q3: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are professional manufacturer of food packaging products.


Q4: How should I pay for you if I place an order from you?
A: We accept PayPal and T/T.



Ice cream paper bowl with lid Manufacturer,supplier,wholesaler,exporter for sale


People like to eat ice cream in any season, because it is a pleasant thing to taste a bowl of ice cream in hot summer, and it is also a great thing to eat ice cream and hot toast. But have you ever noticed the packaging of ice cream? The most common packaging is plastic lid and paper bowl. Today, we will learn more about the secrets of ice cream manufacturers' choice of this collocation.


The physical property of vapour


As we all know, ice cream is a low-temperature frozen food, so when it is taken out of the refrigerator, it begins to melt over time. Therefore, water vapor will form on the lid or lid of the bowl, and when there is so much water vapor formed together, it will fall into the bowl. So water will form on the lid and bowl.


The reason to choose plastic lid


Because water is formed on the lid, if the lid is made of paper, it is easy to get wet and the water will penetrate into the material. PE plastic has water resistance, and its weight is much lighter than other materials. In addition, the cost of PE plastic is cheaper than other materials, so PE plastic has become the most commonly used food packaging material.


The reason to choose paper bowl


Although PE plastic has good water resistance enough to hold ice cream, paper is safer and more environmentally friendly than plastic materials. Because polyethylene plastics will disperse various chemicals after heating, these chemicals will cause harm to human health after accumulation. Even though ice cream is much cooler, many manufacturers opt for paper bowls to wrap their products. People may ask how to solve the problem of wet paper bowls. Paper bowl manufacturers use high-quality paper bowl materials for packaging and add a coating to avoid packaging.


If you are looking for an ice cream paper bowl with lid manufacturer, Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd would be a good choice who is a professional ice cream paper bowl with lid Manufacturer,supplier,wholesaler,exporter for sale.



Advantages of PET material:


  • It has good mechanical properties, the impact strength is 3~5 times that of other films, and the folding resistance is good.


  • It is resistant to oil, fat, acrylic acid, dilute alkali, and most solvents.


  • It has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. It can be used for a long time within a temperature range of 120°C. It can withstand high temperature of 150°C and low temperature of -70°C for short-term use, and its mechanical properties are greatly affected by high and low temperatures.


  • The permeability of gas and water vapor is low, and it has excellent gas, water, oil and peculiar smell performance.


  • It has high transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, and has good gloss.


  • Non-toxic, tasteless, good hygiene and safety, can be directly used for food packaging



















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