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Benefits of using paper bowls


Eco-friendly – Such bowls are made from paper, which is a disposable material. And thus, it decomposes easily. It is simple to recycle paper. Besides, you can easily crumple the bowls in a better way than plastic bowls. And this makes it more compactable.


Recyclable – Paper bowls are recyclable. A pulp is formed with paper and water. This pulp can be further used to make new bowls.


Biodegradable – Disposable paper bowls are the cleanest products owing to their biodegradable property. Paper is made from trees and thus it usually doesn’t contain any toxic matter.


Variety – Paper bowls can be found in various sizes and shapes. You can find these bowls in different designs as well. You can dispose of the bowls easily.


Safe – It is a safer version of bowls in comparison to plastic bowls. Green paper bowls are very much in trend. Paper doesn’t react chemically with any of such consumables. Thus, whether you consume hot or cold food from these bowls, it is absolutely safe.


Lightweight – People prefer to use paper bowls as they are light in weight. You can carry them around without carrying much weight.


What is the material of the paper bowl?


The paper bowl is like a double-walled cup, which can not only hold the hydrothermal fluid, but also prevent the wave body from leaking. The paper bowl is made of double-layer cardboard. The container in this paper bowl and lid combination is durable and moisture-proof. You can use paper bowls to hold any food, from light chicken noodle soup to thick stew, iced frozen yogurt to ice cream. Paper bowls can ensure the safety and reliability of food.


The paper bowl has a tightly curled edge, which is very suitable for secure and firm lid installation. The paper bowl is smooth to the touch and perfect for sipping. When the lid is put on, it is tightly integrated with the paper bowl, which effectively prevents liquid from overflowing, and at the same time eliminates the risk of rapid temperature drop. The paper bowl is made of double-sided PE coated paper. The inner and outer sides of the soup paper bowl are covered with PE-coated double-sided paper, which means that the paper is covered with a layer of PE film. The paper bowl is composed of food-grade wood pulp paper and food-grade PE film.


How does the paper bowl work?


The working principle of the paper bowl is very simple. The paper bowl helps prevent heat loss by forming an insulating layer between the walls of the cup, and keeps coffee or other hot liquids at temperature for longer than in the paper bowl.


A good paper bowl can make all the difference and can really help boost sales and improve the customer experience. Paper bowls are also environmentally friendly. For your business, it may be an excellent substitute for plastic products, such as foam cups. When they are thrown away and discarded, it takes longer to decompose and degrade.


We are biodegradable eco friendly kraft salad paper bowl Manufacturer,supplier,wholesaler,exporter for sale, welcome to contact us.

 Manufacturer,supplier,wholesbiodegradable eco friendly kraft salad paper bowlaler,exporter for sale

Both single wall and ripple wall types, the paper bowl with lid is designed for both cold and hot foods. It’s more a walking advertisement than a package. It is leak-proof and suitable for microwave use.


The large size is perfect for parties, families, or value meals. Serve it alone so that customers can make their own meal or pair it with sides so that customers can create an instant picnic.


From soups to oatmeal to ice cream, show your commitment to environmentally responsible practices with eco-friendly branding.




Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and has taken shape in the packaging market as a high-tech enterprise, which combines R&D, production and sales. We devote to providing high quality, innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly paper packaging solutions for high-end restaurant chain, bakery, food factory and other industries.


In terms of scale, there are more than 200,000 square meters of modern intelligent factory with Class 100,000 and 300,000 clean workshops. It also accommodates more than 500 advanced automatic production equipment. Sowinpak persists in technology R&D as the core driving force of enterprise development and have accumulated profound R&D strength and technical ability that formed a set of relatively perfect R&D system after more than 10 years of exploration and experiences. Nowadays, Sowinpak has more than 90 domestic and foreign patents which is on the forefront of the field .


Sowinpak has sophisticated quality, environment and food safety management systems, we have been approved by BRC, GMP, ISO9001&22000, BSCI and SEDEX. Our products are not only in the line with the standards of GB, FDA, EU, BfR etc., but also certified via BPI, Seeding|Din Certco and OK COMPOST|Vincotte. The pulp used for food grade paper is sourced from sustainable managed forests which are complied with PEFC and FSC Standard.





Q1: When could I get the quotation?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or send us email, so that we would regard your inquiry priority.


Q2: Can I buy sample for testing?
A: Yes, we provide samples.


Q3: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are professional manufacturer of food packaging products.


Q4: How should I pay for you if I place an order from you?
A: We accept PayPal and T/T.


What are Biodegradable Salad Paper Bowl Made from?


The biodegradable salad paper bowl is made of easily biodegradable materials and can be put into a compost bin to become fertilizer or compost. Although most biodegradable food containers are made of materials such as bagasse, salad bowls are usually made of PLA or polylactic acid or polylactic acid. In addition, also known as corn plastic, this material is made of corn and is 100% compostable. PLA provides consumers with the same durability and aesthetics as transparent plastics, but the important exception is environmental protection.


The Benefits of Using Biodegradable Salad Paper Bowl


  • Protect the enviroment

If you have visitors over or you are hosting a party, you'll most likely make use of a great deal of plates as well as cutlery. Rather than using plastic plates, plastic spoons as well as forks, use biodegradable salad paper bowl as well as wooden flatware. These items are just as beneficial as typical plastic plates and also cutlery yet they are much more eco-friendly.


Biodegradable salad paper bowls are made from naturally degradable materials are a lot more environmentally friendly since these do not leave behind hazardous chemicals or deposits. Furthermore, these items degrade in time, launching earth-friendly nutrients back into the soil. Certain, biodegradable plates as well as wooden flatware may be more expensive than single-use plastic products however the rate distinction is quite little.


  • Easy Composting


Got your own compost? Making your own compost is a terrific way to change cooking area and lawn wastes into something useful for the garden. You can also market your very own compost; it's a wonderful way to boost your earnings. Biodegradable salad paper bowls and cutlery makes composting a lot more practical. You can just toss the discarded naturally degradable plates into your compost container. This makes post-party cleaning much easier as well.


When including thrown out biodegradable salad paper bowls to your compost, ensure the plates do not have food residues on them. Additionally, do not add way too many eco-friendly plates in one bin to prevent disturbing the balance of the compost heap.


  • Power Reliable


Did you understand that making naturally biodegradable salad paper bowls as well as compostable disposables are extra energy reliable compared to manufacturing single-use plastics? Plates as well as flatware that weaken call for less power to be made. On top of that, the materials made use of for naturally degradable plates as well as cutlery are renewable so they will not deplete the earth's natural resources. Normally, these items are made from sugarcane, bamboo, corn, and so on.


Additionally, makers of naturally degradable items are extra mindful of their own carbon impact as well as are likely to take steps to reduce the greenhouse gases they produce. Making use of naturally biodegradable salad paper bowls as well as compostable disposables will definitely minimize your carbon footprint too.


  • Non-Toxic


Plastic products, specifically food packaging, are well-known for seeping toxic chemicals to food. That's because single-use plastics are treated with an alcoholic drink of chemicals consisting of dyes, bleaches, and inks. Some of these products are safe, others not so much. For instance, plastic containers release damaging chemicals like Bisphenol A when revealed to hot drinks. These chemicals impact the endocrine system, creating a selection of health issue varying from hormone imbalance, metabolic issues, to specific cancers.


The very same point can not be stated for naturally degradable disposables. These products are plastic-free; they are made from plant-based materials that are 100% risk-free and also earth-friendly. Due to the fact that naturally biodegradable salad paper bowls are made from non-toxic products, you can enjoy your warm dishes as well as beverages without stressing over chemicals making their means right into your food.


If you are looking for a reliable biodegradable eco friendly kraft salad paper bowl Manufacturer,supplier,wholesaler,exporter for sale, we will be your best choice.


Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.


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