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Product Description

Disposable paper bowl for soup, chili, ice cream, desserts, and other dishes;

PE coated, moisture and grease resistant; Safe for use in microwaves;

Recyclable, food-grade, strong paper to help resist cuts and provide strength and rigidity;

can contain salad, fro-yo, nuts, snacks, candies, jelly shots, fruits, chili soup, mac, or cheese;  


Advantages of paper bowl


  1. Environmentally friendly:disposable paper bowl is a real environmentally friendly product, and the concept of recycling adds this label to it.
  2. Sealed and disposable: paper bowl benefit from the precise processing technology of molds, so they have incomparable advantages over other similar products in food refrigeration and fast food packaging and take-out.
  3. Functional: due to the high temperature resistance of some pp materials, the disposable lunch box has microwave function, which makes it possible to reprocess food and fast food, and brings great convenience to consumers.
  4. Reusable:the disposable paper bowl has the value of being reused because of its multiple functions, which changes people's consumption habit of using other similar products.



The materials of degradable paper bowl


PBS is one of the hot research materials of general-purpose biodegradable plastics that can be widely promoted and applied. It has good heat resistance, and the heat distortion temperature and product use temperature can exceed 100°C. The source of its synthetic raw materials can be either petroleum resources or fermentation of biological resources. PBS plays an important role among biodegradable plastic materials.


PLA is a new type of bio-based and renewable biodegradable material, made from starch raw materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.). Starch raw materials are saccharified to obtain glucose, which is then fermented by glucose and certain strains to produce high-purity lactic acid, and then a certain molecular weight polylactic acid is synthesized by chemical synthesis.


PLA has good biodegradability. After use, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature under specific conditions, and finally produce carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment. This is very beneficial to environmental protection and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.


PLA has good thermal stability, the processing temperature is 170~230℃, and it has good solvent resistance. In addition to being biodegradable, the coated paper cups and lids made of polylactic acid have good biocompatibility, gloss, transparency, hand feel and heat resistance, as well as certain bacteria resistance, flame retardancy and UV resistance. sex.


ISLA can be recycled together with ordinary paper (newspaper, cardboard, etc.), and does not require isolation or any special recycling treatment, and can be naturally biodegraded (far more than the required EN13432 standard), thereby preventing the dumping of garbage in the countryside and the ocean from environmental pollution.


The greater feature of ISLA is that it has no coating. It is waterproof by coating a unique water-based dispersion barrier on PEFC and FCS certified cardboard, which is 100% biodegradable and pollution-free.


We are Vegetable/printed/ripple wall types/single wall salad bowl Manufacturer,supplier,wholesaler,exporter for sale, welcome to contact us.



Both single wall and ripple wall types, the paper bowl with lid is designed for both cold and hot foods. It’s more a walking advertisement than a package. It is leak-proof and suitable for microwave use.


The large size is perfect for parties, families, or value meals. Serve it alone so that customers can make their own meal or pair it with sides so that customers can create an instant picnic.


From soups to oatmeal to ice cream, show your commitment to environmentally responsible practices with eco-friendly branding.




Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and has taken shape in the packaging market as a high-tech enterprise, which combines R&D, production and sales. We devote to providing high quality, innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly paper packaging solutions for high-end restaurant chain, bakery, food factory and other industries.


In terms of scale, there are more than 200,000 square meters of modern intelligent factory with Class 100,000 and 300,000 clean workshops. It also accommodates more than 500 advanced automatic production equipment. Sowinpak persists in technology R&D as the core driving force of enterprise development and have accumulated profound R&D strength and technical ability that formed a set of relatively perfect R&D system after more than 10 years of exploration and experiences. Nowadays, Sowinpak has more than 90 domestic and foreign patents which is on the forefront of the field .


Sowinpak has sophisticated quality, environment and food safety management systems, we have been approved by BRC, GMP, ISO9001&22000, BSCI and SEDEX. Our products are not only in the line with the standards of GB, FDA, EU, BfR etc., but also certified via BPI, Seeding|Din Certco and OK COMPOST|Vincotte. The pulp used for food grade paper is sourced from sustainable managed forests which are complied with PEFC and FSC Standard.





Q1: When could I get the quotation?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or send us email, so that we would regard your inquiry priority.


Q2: Can I buy sample for testing?
A: Yes, we provide samples.


Q3: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are professional manufacturer of food packaging products.


Q4: How should I pay for you if I place an order from you?
A: We accept PayPal and T/T.

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